Biography - Dr. Ravi Chavda

Dr.Ravi Chavda B.A.M.S.,M.D.(A.Med), born in a farmer family of Gujarat having agricultural background was quite obvious on his part to develop a deep rooted liking for the nature. He then started developing understanding of herbs and their benefits which landed him to undergo medical study. He received the degree of Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) in 1999 from reputed O.H.Nazar Ayurveda Medical College, Surat under Gujarat Ayurveda University, India and a Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine (M.D.(A.Med)) in 2008 from Institute Of Alternative Medicines And Research in Kolkata.

In the beginning of 2000,he travelled throughout the India sharing his knowledge of Ayurveda. And thereafter he served 5 years as a Medical Director of the Niramaya Ayurveda Hospital in Surat, India. He also holds the position of the Head of Clinical Medicine for five years at the Niramaya Ayurveda Institute. During this period, he conducted various programmes and seminars on chronic and very challenging diseases for medical students as well as affected patients. He underwent Ayurveda study tour at Kerala, Varanasi, Delhi, Ujjain and various part of India. In 2005,he came to Mumbai as a Director, Principal Instructor and Founder of ‘’The Ayurveda’’ Centre.

He gained advanced knowledge of ancient Ayurveda from well known Ayurveda Physicians like ‘Raj Vaidhya Narsihbhai Patel, Surat, Dr.P.Yadaiyah, Hyderabad and Panchkarmarma Specialist Dr.U.S.Nigam, Ujjain.

Dr. Ravi Chavda is the author of few publications like ‘’Ayurveda and Arthritis’’, ‘’Marma Chikitsa and Self Healing’’ etc..and has written numerous articles on Ayurveda and respected throughout the India and abroad for the Self-Healing and Secrets of the Pulse (Nadi Pariksha).All these experiences & knowledge helped him to master the ancient science of diagnosis through Dashing, Sparshan, Prashna and Nadi Pariksha.

Specialized into Panchkarma- a Rejuvenation & Purification Therapy of body, which is one of the fundamental Ayurveda therapy. Also specialized in curing Arthritis & Spine Disorders, with additional specific treatments for Lifestyle Disorders like Obesity, Indigestion, Stress, Cardiac problems, Sexual Problems etc..

Dr.Ravi Chavda presently is the Director of The Ayurveda Centre in Worli, Mumbai, India and teaches the Ayurvedic study programmes throughout India, also consulting privately and giving seminars on Ayurveda, its history, theory, principles and practical applications.