Why Detoxification?

Maintaining the connection between the body's inner intelligence and the physiology is the basis of health. Poor diet, digestion and elimination, combined with environmental toxins, and mental emotional stress creates toxins and blockages in both the mind and body. If these toxins remain in the physiology they become deeply embedded in tissues and are the root cause of many diseases. Unfortunately conventional medicine focuses on putting often harmful pharmaceuticals into the body rather than taking unhealthy substances out.

The primary goal of Ayur-veda is to eliminate imbalance at its source. It does this by treating the individual instead of his or her symptoms. Because life is diversified, there are multiple approaches to accomplishing this primary goal. Ayur-veda's technique works on the levels of mind, body, behavior and environment, and utilizes the balancing power of consciousness and each of the five senses.

Ayur-veda helps to remove toxins and restore the connection between mind and body by offering purification and rejuvenation therapies collectively known as Panchakarma. The word Panchkarma comes from the ancient Vedic texts, and means "Five actions". The five actions refer to the therapies used to remove impurities from the body. This sequence of procedures dislodges impurities from the cells and then flushes them from the body.

Typically, impurities are stored into the fat cells. They can start in the youth and get stuck there throughout life if not flushed out. Just as a flood in the river sweeps away pollutants along its banks, so Panchkarma sweeps blockages and pollutants by creating a sweeping coherence throughout the system. Once the body is cleansed then the herbal treatments are much more effective and the outer influences of life are easy to handle. By maintaining a daily routine at home, the effects of Panchkarma are enhanced.

Perfect health means becoming impermeable to disturbing influences from outside. In other words, the system is strong enough not to take anything, which could be damaging to its existence. The result is perfect prevention of all diseases.

Panchkarma treatments are recommended at least twice a year to keep the body in tune. They are available at our The Ayurveda Centre, Worli, Mumbai.